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Tarot and Your Spiritual Progress

Tarot and Your Spiritual Progress
Tarot and Your Spiritual Progress

“What can I do to be more spiritual?” my Tarot client asked me. I sat back in my chair and smiled to myself because Tarot is a great system of divination for this type of query, but not many people ask questions of this nature. Even though I enjoy answering the usual queries about romance, career, and money, it is more satisfying to use Tarot on a deeper level. The sincerity shining from my client’s eyes showed that she had an intense desire to gain a deeper understanding of her life and the universal laws that governed it. “Can your Tarot cards tell me if I am on the right path?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied, “We can look at where you are now, and also which direction will be best for you.”

In a soft voice she added, “Sometimes it seems so simple to think of spirituality as just being nice to yourself and others, but I feel there must be more to the spiritual life than this. I mean, what is spirituality? What does it mean to be a spiritual person? I guess I really want to know if I am making the most of my life, and if I am doing enough in this world to make a difference.”

The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot are a fascinating series of archetypal images that are filled with spiritual symbolism. From these cards you can gain meaningful information about your spiritual progress. Even drawing one card from the deck can give useful insight. For example, the card called The Fool tells you that spirituality doesn’t have to be too serious. Lighten up, be adventurous, and have some fun to clear your energy centres.

When The Hermit is drawn from the deck, he’s telling you that spirituality is a personal journey. Don’t feel as if you have to share this experience with others, for they can only find the right path when they are looking for it. Some are not ready to join you on this search, so allow those individuals to find their own way, in their own time. People can only truly learn through their own experiences.

Justice suggests having balance in your life. Instead of giving all of your energy to others, make some time for yourself. Know how to receive, so that spiritual energy can truly flow. Temperance tells you not to over-eat or over-indulge in anything. At the other extreme, if you are exercising or fasting, remember to use moderation here as well. The Sun reminds you to read positive affirmations at the start of your day, and before you go to bed. Reading inspirational words each night may help you to dream about your perfect life. Realise that all great achievements began as a vision or dream in a person’s mind.

The card called The World asks you to meditate on the gratitude you have for the many blessings you have. Be thankful for your abundance and affirm that you are open to all possibilities for improved prosperity. There is no easy way to measure how spiritual you are. It cannot be measured by how psychic you are, or by the strangeness of your clothing. It cannot be calculated from how many times you meditate each day, or how poor you are. Spirituality is only revealed through your thoughts, words, actions, and the level of peace and contentment you have in your life. Even Tarot cards cannot really tell you how spiritual you are, but the Major Arcana cards can give guidance for improving your spiritual progress.

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