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The number of people asking advice regarding their love life and reading their love horoscopes is just overwhelming. The topic of relationships must be one of the most discussed about in the world. Just take a look at the divorce statistics or the statistics of police intervention showing that 75% of all police interventions are related to quarrels between neighbours, partners, family members etc. and clearly bring relationship issues to the foreground.

How come? Well, people always have something to complain about because the partner often seems to miss a trait or has too much of another characteristic that is not satisfactory or disappointing to the “querent.” The querent complains because it’s just not how he or she likes to see the partner. Something is missing that the querent wants to get straight and that’s why they happen to consult an astrologer to look at the love horoscopes.

People have the unconscious need and compulsive drive and behavior to change the other, to mould the other to one’s own image, interests, beliefs, traits; neglecting that every single person is an individual with very own beliefs, urges, traits, interests, needs, expectations etc. How difficult it is to take the other AS IS!

Isn’t real love UNconditional?

Almost always, people are unconsciously extremely manipulative and forceful one way or the other and they seem not to understand that this mental penetrating and manipulative force might and even will conflict with the world of the other sooner or later.

Perhaps it’s in our genes but from an astrological point of view, it may as well be in the stars.

Inborn traits and generational characteristics can be seen and delineated from the natal horoscope that acts like your fingerprint, represents your DNA structure and reveals your inner being and EGO.

While ALL human beings are manipulative and compulsive in an unconscious way, there may be a gradation depending on certain planetary alignments or configurations that can be found in horoscopes of people who never ever seem to get relationships to work.

Due to diligent research of some highly respected astrologers, these indications may show whether or not someone is cut out for love. It’s quite important to know these configurations and to know yourself. Don’t be astonished if you fall into the category of people who are not cut out for love.

The Sun or Moon square the Ascendant is one of these indications that may be problematic. The Ascendant in mutable Gemini or Sagittarius and their rulers afflicted is another one and there are a lot of others too. Also, there are numerous midpoint configurations pointing to a problematic love life but this will lead us too far to go into detail here and a list can best be found in astrological textbooks about midpoint structures and planetary pictures.

If you happen to have some of these alignments and you know yourself, you better take full responsibility for your own life and don’t try to make someone else unhappy. Rather focus on friendship than (force) love. Sometimes you can’t make a love relationship to work if you don’t have the inborn capability, nor the tools to do so. If you don’t realize that sooner or later, you may be extremely manipulative indeed.

Love can be a wonderful thing, but it can be a devastating experience too if everything turns out the wrong way. In the worst case, people even get killed, murdered in these circumstances!

Better safe than sorry, no?

By raising your consciousness about your own self and your own capabilities you can prevent relationship issues. You don’t need to focus obsessively on love relationships any longer, but you should focus on friendship, general relationships and connections and what your heart and life’s mission is about. Here, astrology can be a big help.

You can’t always have it all: a wonderful partner, lovely children, a lot of money, etc. etc. After all, you are still on planet Earth and submitted to its own laws which are not fully understood yet.

So, if you KNOW yourself and you KNOW that you are not cut out for love, don’t obsess about it and don’t exclusively look for a love relationship any longer. And don’t worry! It will not work, it never will and never should. Instead, you certainly have other capabilities to focus on and to be aware of. Love has many dimensions and many faces.

If you don’t have found these other capabilities, just always “follow the Moon.” It’s a golden rule in astrology that says that the Moon points to what you unconsciously want to do and what your passion is. Take a look at the Moon’s position by house and by sign and take the Moon phase into account too (as the Moon always REFLECTS what the Sun INSTRUCTS, the Moon obeys to the Sun). Blend these significations and brainstorm on it and you’ll find what you love!

It will reveal so much about your inner being and drives that once you have found your true heart’s desire and the other dimensions of love, you will no longer obsess about your love life and will never look back to it. Instead you will enjoy your life NOW!

All the best of luck!


Source by Luc De Jaeger

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