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Astrology: How Can Be It Be Used to Find True Happiness?

Astrology: How Can Be It Be Used to Find True Happiness?

Let us begin by saying:

Astrology is a Cosmic Tool designed to lead mankind towards realization of desires and achieving happiness!

Who doesn’t want to do what their heart is truly into?

Who doesn’t want to have their hobby as their career?

Who in this world of sufferings of infinite kinds, doesn’t want a life full of everlasting joy?

Well, the answer is no one!

Still we see so many people living lives that are full of struggles, hardships and never ending miseries and happiness seem to be something always beyond their reach no matter how many so called “happiness tips” they follow.

So where does astrology comes into picture?

The divine play of this cosmos has created a path that allows mankind to glide towards a life devoid of miseries and full of bliss & happiness.

We are talking about the ancient wisdom of Indian Sages that is called: Astrology or Jyotish.

The first thing that astrology reveals about people, is their true nature based on their horoscope.

This serves as the basis for moving towards suggesting a path forward to them for achieving what their heart desires.

In order to excel in both personal and professional lives, people must clearly identify the types of areas shown in their horoscope in which they are most likely to get maximum opportunities of success.

For example, a person having a well-placed exalted Sun in his/her horoscope will find it easy to crack competitive exams for high positions in the government. Such type of persons will possess natural qualities of being a leader and an able administrator.

Similarly, people having an Airy Astrological Sign like Libra as their Ascendant, must carefully look for the combinations of a sound state of mind in their horoscope throughout their life if they want to go into professions that have a high level of stress attached to them e.g. Flying an aircraft, stock market analyst etc., because if at any time the combinations of anxiety/depression appear in their lives, they will be the ones to see wild swings in their mental states as compared to people with an Earthy Sign like Taurus as their Ascendant.

People having Rahu (North Node of the Moon) well placed in their horoscope are likely to succeed as Surgeons, Spies, Politicians and Computer Engineers.

Those who have Mars well placed in their Natal Chart (horoscope), will find armed security services such as the military/police services as favourable career choices for them.

A well-positioned Mercury promotes luck in Journalism or Mass Media.

Like these, there are many other career suggestions, based on a number of results that come out from different permutations & combinations while analysing a horoscope.

Apart from career, marital life is something that decide the quality of our life and the happiness index associated with it.

Astrology can and is widely used to determine whether a particular partner will prove be the perfect life partner for me if I tie the knot with that person or entering into a marital alliance with that person will ruin the bliss that I am seeking from marriage?

Horoscope matching making is a process in astrology that is used to analyse the horoscopes of both the boy and the girl to calculate their compatibility with each other.

The particular house that is analysed for this purpose is the 7th house. Placement and/or aspects of malefices in this house signifies a troublesome marriage and timely remedial measures should be taken in such cases.

The 5th & 9th Houses of the Horoscope:

Coming to pinpointed subject of happiness, an astrologer particularly takes into account: the 5th house and the 9th house of a natal chart.

The 5th house represents: Comprehensive Intelligence, Love, Children, Stomach and much more.

It is with this house we look at the happiness factor signified in one’s life as the areas that it represents, hold direct connection with our state of mind.

If the 5th house is affected by the presence or aspects of malefic planets, then all the areas associated with this house will get negatively affected resulting in lack of satisfaction in one’s life.

As without good intelligence, smart survival will not be possible.

Without love, life would seem to be lonely.

Without children, marital bliss will be absent from life.

And speaking in health terms, without a healthy stomach, overall good health will not be possible as in Ayurveda it is said that: Every ailment sprouts from an unhealthy stomach.

Similarly, 9th house represents: Higher Education, Foreign Travel, Spirituality and Luck.

Having a strong 9th house would make sure that the native will have a higher level education that would result in a bright career, respect in society and stable finances.

Foreign travels will make a person more globally connected, resulting in better availability of new opportunities.

Spirituality will make the person clear, humane and calm.

Last but not the least and arguably incredibly important for fulfilment of desires which in turn will give happiness is: Luck, is also seen from the 9th house.

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