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Marriage is the most important step for continuation of the family. The birth of a child is the next important event which continues the family. If childbirth remains hampered, marriages may also breakdown. Therefore, the matter of progeny becomes very important for individuals. Queries on marriage and prospect of childbirth are two important questions which very commonly come to astrologers.

Vedic astrology describes a number of methods for predicting childbirth from a duly cast horoscope. The astrological texts also describe some combinations and conditions in the horoscope which may be the cause of childlessness or which may cause delays in childbirth. Remedial measures have also been suggested to remove the afflictions concerning these matters.

For judging the issues relating to progeny, the following points become very important in the horoscope of an individual. Horoscopes are interpreted differently by different astrologers depending on their experience and competence. Therefore, due care should be exercised in seeking astrological advice on these matters. The points given below are generally considered important for predicting childbirth.

a) The fifth house in the horoscope must be strong. This means that there should be benefic influence of other planets on the fifth house. The placement of benefic planets in the fifth house is considered good. Benefic aspect on the fifth house is also good.

b) The fifth house should be free from afflictions. Affliction to the fifth lord by “Rahu / Ketu” or malefic planets is not considered good. Affliction caused by the sixth lord, eighth lord and the twelfth lord in the horoscope may cause difficulties in having healthy progeny. Retrograde planets in the fifth house can at times delay childbirth.

c) The ninth house is also considered important as it happens to be the fifth house from the fifth house. Hence, the ninth house is the secondary house for judgment of progeny issues. This house and its lord should also be free from affliction.

d) Jupiter signifies children. Strong and well-placed Jupiter is generally beneficial for childbirth. However, placement of Jupiter in the fifth house may at times delay childbirth.

e) The male planets such as Sun, Jupiter and Mars provide some hint regarding the birth of a male child. Similarly, the female planets such as Moon and Venus indicate female child. Saturn and Mercury represent neuter gender.

f) “Rahu and Ketu” generally delay or complicate pregnancy. However, Rahu under good influence can give daughter and Ketu in similar condition may bestow male child.

g) “Saptamsha” is the divisional chart which has been prescribed by Maharishi Parashara for deciphering progeny matters. The condition of the fifth lord of the birth chart and the influences on the fifth house and the fifth lord of the “Saptamsha” chart are important for judgment of progeny issues.

h) Progeny matters can be interpreted from the “lagna” (ascendant), Moon and Jupiter.

Childbirth-related problems become very serious in some cases. The couples crave for child but are not blessed with one. Children are considered to be the gift of God. The “Santan Gopal Stotra” prescribed for childbirth, teaches accepting lord Krishna in the form of a child. It transforms the mind for loving children as divine gifts. In other religions also children are shown as angels or “farista”.


Source by Anand Sagar Pathak

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