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Capricorns are known for their free spirit and strong will power. It is the tenth sun sign in the zodiac calendar. People who are born between 23rd December and 2oth January are Capricorns. It is one of the most stable sign and it is symbolized by the Sea Goat.

Capricorn Horoscope

Characteristic Traits

Positive traits: They are very down to earth, highly ambitious, practical, patient, prudent, disciplined, loving and generous. They like meeting new people and visiting new places.

Negative traits: They lack self esteem and confidence and they can be highly fatalistic and pessimistic sometimes. They can be very stubborn and tough at times.

Important factors

Element: Earth

Lucky Color: Peacock Blue

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky Gemstone: Garnet

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Capricorn love life

They are very humble lovers and if they are in a relationship, they give their hundred percent. Sometimes they have to face major ups and downs in their lives but with a little understanding and trust they can overcome all their fears. They can be very self-centered at times but it happens in rare cases. They are very attractive and people who do not know them are easily attracted to them. They are very faithful lovers but they are also very jealous and possessive.

Suitable occupations for them

They are a highly ambitious person, that’s why they generally choose a field in which they can earn a large amount of money. They love music and math. They make very good managers, financiers, cashiers, bankers, teachers, contractors and speculators. They give their hundred percent in whatever they do and they work peacefully with their colleagues and sub-ordinates.

Health concerns

They face major health concerns in all parts of their lives. They may face problems related to skin, knees, bones, digestive systems and eyes. Some of the most common diseases that are faced by the people of this particular sun sign are deafness, Bright’s disease, rheumatism and catarrh.

Family and friends

Capricorns make very good friends. For them friendship is all about trust, love, devotion and helping each other in need. When it comes to family matters they become extremely serious. They co-operate with all their family members and support them through thick and thin.

They are very loyal and adventurous and when they make a mistake they readily own up and ask for forgiveness.


Source by Chutipawn Mahapawnprajak

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